On Calvary’s brow my Savior died

On Calvary’s brow my Savior died
’Twas there my Lord was crucified;
’Twas on the cross He bled for me,
And purchased there my pardon free.
  O Calvary! dark Calvary!
Where Jesus shed His blood for me;
O Calvary! blest Calvary!
  ’Twas there my Savior died for me.
’Mid rending rocks and darkening skies
My Savior bows His head and dies;
The opening veil reveals the way
To life divine and endless day.
O Jesus, Lord, how can it be
That Thou shouldst give Thy life for me,
To bear the cross and agony
In that dread hour on Calvary!
Alfayo Agufana

Nairobi, Kenya

Oh my good GOD. You are so amazing so blessing keep it up. This song on calvery is so touching. Thanks a lot.

Humphrey D'souza

Brokenarrow, Ok, India

When I was 12 My dad taught me this song which it was wiped away from my mind. We sang this hymn in the church with parts on the adoration day. It is a beautiful hymn.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

This is a wonderful song. "Oh Jesus Lord, How cans't it be that Thou shoulds't give Thy life for me..."

We sang this with original notes in my 9th grade, and find this song after so many years. Thanks a lot. God bless you. It would be great if we can have the notes also.