I belong to Jesus

I belong to Jesus;
  I am not my own;
All I have and all I am
  Shall be His alone.
I belong to Jesus;
  He is Lord and King,
Reigning in my inmost heart
  Over everything.
I belong to Jesus;
  What can hurt or harm,
When He folds around my soul
  His almighty Arm?
I belong to Jesus;
  Blessed, blessed thought!
With His own most precious blood
  Has my soul been bought.
I belong to Jesus;
  He has died for me;
I am His and He is mine
  Through eternity.
I belong to Jesus;
  He will keep my soul,
If the deathly waters dark
  Round about me roll.
I belong to Jesus;
  And ere long I’ll be
With my precious Savior there
  In His royalty.
Dwirah Kwasi Sebastian

Accra, Ghana

What a great song, we must belong to Jesus, because He stands tall above all things.


Seoul, South Korea

In our consecration that we belong to Him, we should also have assurance that Satan has no way in us to hurt or harm (stanza 3) because of our Lord's nearness and dearness. Our precious Lord stands near us and Satan flees.