No condemnation! precious word

“No condemnation!” precious word!
  Consider it, my soul!
Thy sins were all on Jesus laid,
  His stripes have made thee whole.
In God’s own presence now for us
  The Savior doth appear;
The saints, as jewels on His heart,
  Jesus doth ever bear.
“No condemnation!” O my soul,
  ’Tis God that speaks the word;
Perfect in comeliness art thou
  In Christ, the risen Lord.
Teach me, O God, to fix mine eyes
  On Christ, the spotless Lamb,
So shall I love Thy precious will,
  And glorify His name.
Timothy Robert Pugh

Campo Grande, MS, Brazil

Praise the Lord


Baton Rouge, United States

To think that we are considered jewels on the heart of Christ being brought into the presence of God, being free from condemnation and sin, makes me so happy in Jesus. I don’t usually think of myself as a jewel but we are. Jesus is always bearing us on His heart before God.

Leigh Powell

United Kingdom

This hymn writes in worship of the glorious truth of Romans 8 vers 1. God forgives our sin in His Son, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of His people, because of His great love for us (John 3 verse 16).

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI

Born in Denmark to a prominent English merchant, Chapman was educated to be a solicitor, but felt called to be a minister of the Word. He began reading the Bible diligently at the age of 16. 4 years later he received the Lord through the preaching of Harrington Evans. His friends said he would not make a good preacher, however his response was, "There are many who preach Christ, but not so many who live Christ; my great aim will be to live Christ." in his 99th year he spoke, standing for 1 hour. He was a minister of the gospel with the Plymouth Brethren at Barnstaple, England. Chapman preached the gospel in Barnstaple and all the villages in that area of Devon. He was also burdened to preach the gospel in the Roman Catholic countries of Spain, Portugal, and Ireland. He travelled by foot around those countries, passing out Bibles and preaching the gospel.

In England, Robert Chapman wanted to establish a home that could be a place of rest and encouragement for discouraged and tired Christian workers. For this purpose Chapman bought a row-house in a poor section of Barnstaple. Chapman lived at that address for the next 70 years (he never married). Many Christian workers stayed there for short or long periods, while Chapman ministered to their spiritual and physical needs. For 65 years he maintained close fellowship with George Mueller. He wrote 165 hymns and poems. Robert Peterson comments on Chapman: "What then made Chapman so beloved and effective in his time? Quite simply, his utter devotion to Christ and his determination to live Christ." - Songs of the Spirit by Martin


The original 2nd stanza says:

In heaven the blood forever speaks

In God's omniscient ear;

The saints, as jewels on His heart,

Jesus doth ever bear.

Ian Neilson

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

No Condemnation! Why? because Christ took what should have been ours, the condemnation was all taken by Him at Calvary. This is one of the many precious truths in the Roman Epistle.

Tip Sanders

Cleveland, Tennessee, United States

Christ and Christ alone redeemed us from the Law, fulfilling God's requirement of the Redeemer in that He was the sinless, spotless Lamb of God slain from before the foundation of the World! Hallelujah, What a Saviour!!