I’ve found a Friend, oh, such a Friend

I’ve found a Friend, oh, such a Friend!
  He loved me ere I knew Him;
He drew me with the cords of love,
  And thus He bound me to Him.
And round my heart still closely twine
  Those ties which naught can sever,
For I am His, and He is mine,
  Forever and forever.
I’ve found a Friend, oh, such a Friend!
  He bled, He died to save me;
And not alone the gift of life,
  But His own self He gave me.
Naught that I have my own I call,
  I hold it for the Giver;
My heart, my strength, my life, my all,
  Are His, and His forever.
I’ve found a Friend, oh, such a Friend!
  So kind, and true, and tender,
So wise a Counsellor and Guide,
  So mighty a Defender!
From Him who loves me now so well,
  What power my soul can sever?
Shall life or death, or earth or hell?
  No? I am His forever.

Reedley, CA, United States

It is 6:30 in the morning & God put some words in my mind. So, to search for it I came to the computer. What a wonderful surprise to have the music reach my heart & ears the first thing in the morning. God seems to give me "songs in the morning". PTL


New York, United States

Today this song struck me hard. Though I sang it for long years since childhood, it has never brought me to tears until this morning in church. I see Jesus doing all the efforts to reaching out to me, I am overwhelmed by His sheer love - I am grateful as long as I have breath. Jesus is so amazing!

Akpobare Oghenevwaire Vincent

Dallas, Texas, United States

I grew up in Emmanuel Baptist Church, Warri-Nigeria. I was a chorister then, to God be the glory, the lyrics of the song inspired me so much that I love singing this song on a daily basis. It was among my wedding hymns.

Boaz Leong

Manila, Philippines

"He loved me ere I knew Him...drew me...bound me to Him...Those ties which naught can sever...My heart, my strength, my life, my all, are His forever...I am His forever"!

Salooja Wesley


I used to sing this song, in my school, we were about 2,000 girls in chapel everyday...

I studied in a christian missionary school called STANLEY..

This song reminds me of those days in school...