Lord, may Thy Wind of heaven blow

Lord, may Thy Wind of heaven blow
  Upon us here today!
With stirring and reviving might,
  To us Thy pow’r display.
  Oh, mighty Lord, on us descend.
  Oh, may Thy Spirit blow!
With power cause us to transcend.
    Grant us the living flow!
With Thy empow’ring Spirit blow
  And all the barriers break;
With Thy life-giving Spirit breathe,
  That we of Thee partake.
Thy Spirit is of sevenfold wealth,
  For us to share of Thee;
Grant us the full experience of
  The God in persons Three.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.


Spokane, Wa, United States

Thank you so much for this wonderful website.

The lyrics are no longer up for Lord May Thy wind of heaven blow. Can we get that again? Thank you dear shepherds!