O Jesus, Jesus, dearest Lord

O Jesus, Jesus, dearest Lord!
  Forgive me if I say,
For very love, Thy sacred name
  A thousand times a day.
  O Jesus, Lord, with me abide;
I rest in Thee, whate’er betide;
Thy gracious smile is my reward;
    I love, I love Thee, Lord!
I love Thee so I know not how
  My transports to control;
Thy love is like a burning fire
  Within my very soul.
For Thou to me art all in all;
  My honor and my wealth;
My heart’s desire, my body’s strength,
  My soul’s eternal health.
Burn, burn, O love, within my heart,
  Burn fiercely night and day,
Till all the dross of earthly loves
  Is burned, and burned away.
O light in darkness, joy in grief,
  O heaven’s life on earth;
Jesus, my love, my treasure, who
  Can tell what Thou art worth?
What limit is there to this love?
  Thy flight, where wilt Thou stay?
On, on! our Lord is sweeter far
  Today than yesterday.
Thanh Le

San Francisco, California, United States

I love You, Lord Jesus. Now I know that You abide with me, so I rest on You, whataver betides. Though gain or lost, wining or defeated I have peace, I rest on You. Hallelujah, Amen!


South Korea, Philippines

I love, I love You Lord.


Southern California, United States


I could be wrong but the way I understand the line "Thy flight, where wilt thou stay" is like this...The writer's increasing love for God flies like a bird with wings, higher and higher. His love doesn't land or fly steady---it doth not stay in place. :) I think it's a beautiful image!


Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Can someone please help me to understand the meaning of the second line of stanza 6, "Thy flight, where will Thou stay?" in the context of this hymn?

Rockwell Smith

Kennewick, Washington, United States

There is more to this hymn or poem. And it will shed light on the rest.

How Beautiful, how beautiful the sight of Thee must be,

Thine endless wisdom, awesome power and glorious diety.

Then the rest of the verses as listed.

So enraptured with Who He is, that out of your reciprocating love for Him, you breathe His name with every breath. Because He alone is worthy.

Blessings friends.


Davao, Philippines

Oh Jesus Lord, with me abide, I rest in thee whate'er betide. Thy gracious smile is my reward; I love, I love Thee Lord. Amen....

Anna C Gibbs

Denton, Texas, United States

O Lord Jesus! Open my mouth to call on Your Name a thousand times a day!

Lord, dearest Lord! Your gracious Smile is my reward!

Charles Wayne Hennessy

Tucson, Arizona, United States

In some of the early days, when we who were there became 'crazy' lovers of Jesus, we made a change in some of the lines of this hymn. We would sing, "O Jesus, Jesus, dearest Lord, I love, I love to say, for very love Thy sacred Name a thousand times a day" and "Thy very self is our first love, we love, we love Thee, Lord."

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

@Carla Bestetti 3/30/2012. If I was going to say my dear wife's name 1,000 times in 1 day for very love, I would ask her to forgive me for saying her name so often, which might annoy her, since calling someone's name demands his attention.


Stanza 5, line 2 originally says, "O heav’n begun on earth;".


Born in England, Faber was raised as a strict Calvinist by his father. After graduating from Oxford, he became a minister in the Anglican Church. Influenced by the Oxford Movement, he joined the Catholic Church and became known as Father Wilfred. He noticed a lack of congregational hymns in the Catholic Church and set about to remedy the situation. His hymns promoted the history and teachings of Catholicism. Although he died at the age of 49, he managed to write 150 hymns. - Songs of the Spirit by Faber


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Carla Bestetti,

I think the author means if he still says the Lord's Name one thousand times it will still be not enough!!! If I call upon His name a thousand times a day it will be still a few for what He is for us and the fellowship He wants to give us!! Oh Lord Jesus! Oh Lord Jesus!! A thousand million times! Oh Lord Jesus!!

I hope that the sense that Jesus is good is growing within you every day. You do not need to determine to give up mah-jongg or the Chinese opera. All that you need to do is to daily say, "Jesus is good; Jesus is really good! Although I am here playing mah-jongg, Jesus is better than mah-jongg. Jesus is truly good!" If you say this more and more every day, by the time that you have said this hundreds of times, you will no longer play mah-jongg or go to the opera. You will give up these things, because Jesus is good, and Jesus is so lovable.

Dear brothers and sisters, please do not think that it is superstitious to say this. I began hearing sermons in Christianity when I was very young, and although I have heard many of them, no one ever clearly told me that we should confess, "Jesus is good! Jesus is so good! O Lord Jesus! O Lord Jesus! Lord, You are so good!" Then one day when I was compiling the hymnal, I found a hymn that says, "O Jesus, Jesus, dearest Lord! / Forgive me if I say, / For very love, Thy sacred name / A thousand times a day" (Hymns, #208). These lines deeply touched me. I said to the Lord, "O Lord, I am truly sorry. I have been saved for so many years, but I have never said Your name a thousand times in one day."

Some say that calling "O Lord Jesus! O Lord Jesus!" is almost the same as the Buddhists' chanting "Amitabha." However, the real situation is that the more the Buddhist priests and nuns chant "Amitabha," the more their faces become downcast, the more their foreheads grow wrinkled, and the more their countenances become sorrowful. Even the rooms that the Buddhist priests and nuns live in are dark and gloomy. When they walk into them, they cannot see anything. Calling upon the name of the Lord is completely different from the chanting of the Buddhists. When you say "O Lord Jesus! O Lord Jesus! You are so good!" from morning to night, your sad face turns into a smiling face, your downcast face becomes an uplifted face, your furrowed brow loosens up, your wrinkles diminish, and even your bedroom is filled with warmth. How amazing this is! Why is there such a contrast between calling on the Lord and chanting? It is because when the Buddhists call "Amitabha," demons come. The more they say "Amitabha," the more demons there are, and demons are gloomy. However, when we say, "O Lord Jesus! O Lord Jesus! You are so lovable!" the Lord Jesus comes, and the more we say this, the more He comes. The Lord Jesus is the reality of every positive thing in this universe. Thus, when He comes, we have everything.

The fact that we are able to spontaneously call "O Lord Jesus" is a strong proof that we have been saved, that we have been delivered out of the power of Satan, and that we are now in spirit. The more Christians call "O Lord Jesus," the better. Stanza 1 of Hymns, #208 says, "O Jesus,…I say…Thy sacred name / A thousand times a day." The writer of this hymn said that he says the Lord's name a thousand times a day. Actually a thousand times is still not enough. This is just like our breathing—it is hard to count the number of times we breathe daily. We breathe continuously; we breathe without ceasing. Paul told the Corinthians that whenever they meet, instead of worshipping the dumb idols, they should speak in the Holy Spirit. "No one speaking in the Spirit of God says, Jesus is accursed; and no one can say, Jesus is Lord! except in the Holy Spirit" (1 Cor. 12:3).

Calling on the name of the Lord is not something that is done in vain, for Jesus is real and present. If a person is real, living, and near to us, whenever we call that person's name, that person will come to us. Jesus is real and living; He is present and available. Therefore, when we call His name, He will come to us and will enter into us. Hymns, #208 says, "O Jesus, Jesus, dearest Lord! / Forgive me if I say, / For very love, Thy sacred name / A thousand times a day." The words of this hymn should not be an exaggeration to us. A sister may be bored while washing the dishes at home. The best way for her to make her task a pleasant experience is for her to call on the name of the Lord while she is working. Whenever we call on the Lord's name, we taste Him, for He is living, real, present, and available.