Splendid church life! His green garden!

Splendid church life! His green garden!
He has brought us, praise the Lord,
To experience the Christ Who’s growing here!
He is full of rich enjoyment
To His saints in one accord;
He is new and fresh, available and dear.
  I’m so happy in this lovely place,
In the garden growing in His grace!
There is no finer pleasure
Than to eat the living tree
And to get the living water into me.
It is not a school or fact’ry
Or a chapel in the air;
But a garden where our Lord can plant and sow.
So He’s placed us all here corporately
To be His garden fair,
Where He’s free to cultivate and make us grow.
Thus within the church-life garden
There’s a fruit-producing tree
Full of life and so available to eat.
So be simple, don’t be hardened,
Drop your concepts—eat that tree!
Take in Jesus every moment—He’s so sweet!
With the tree there is the water,
Flowing God in Christ to us,
Quenching all our dryness, ending all our strife.
Hallelujah! In His garden
Jesus flows Himself to us,
As the full supply for us to grow in life.
Aren’t you satisfied and thankful
That our Lord has brought you in
Where His pleasures and His riches flow so free?
So be happy and be joyful,
In the spirit feast on Him,
So God’s garden can bear fruit abundantly.

I'm so happy in the garden, finer pleasure, living water.



Enjoyed by Sioux Fall & Durham saints tonight. Amen Lord! Thank You, You are so available for us to eat!

Amos Kimani

Naivasha, Nakuru, Kenya

Am happy to be church life, it’s most enjoyable. Am eating and drinking Him, He so sweet.


Houston, Texas, United States

I’m so happy..... SO HAPPYYYYYYYYY

Drop your concepts—eat that tree!

Adam Overton

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

Hallelujah we are in God’s garden! Keep us eating Jesus! How we need You Lord!

Maribel Rodriguez Veg

Philadelphia, PA, United States

I’m so happy in this lovely place,

In the garden growing in His grace!

There is no finer pleasure

Than to eat the living tree

And to get the living water into me.

Isaac Lim

Anaheim, California, United States

I'm so happy in this lovely place

Beryl in Christ

Dapitan City, Philippines

When I hear this song I really remember the fun we had in our general young people's meeting in Sindangan. It feels so good enjoying Christ with all the saints. It is the most enjoying experience in my whole life. Thank You Lord for bringing us in such a high enjoyment. Praise the Lord!!!!!

Matthew and Jonathan

Irvine, CA, United States

We're so happy in this lovely place! Praise the Lord for the Body of Christ!

Alex Lu

Camarillo, CA, United States

This song is so good and peaceful.

First Corinthians 1:9 says that our faithful God has called us into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ. The word "fellowship" includes the thought of enjoyment. Sometimes people may celebrate something by having a party. For us to fellowship together is to have a "party." A party is a fellowship. The Christian meeting may be considered as a Christian party. Every meeting is a party to us. I am interpreting the word party in a very positive sense. A party is an enjoyment. If we are at a party, you will enjoy me and I will enjoy you. We will share our joy and feelings with one another. We are so happy when we are meeting with the saints because our meeting, in a positive sense, is a party.

In our hymnal, there is a hymn about the church life which begins, "I'm so happy in this lovely place" (#1237). It is hard to enjoy such a hymn by ourselves. If we were at home alone in our living room, it would be difficult to sing, "I'm so happy in the living room." But if you are in a small group meeting of ten to fifteen saints, you can declare—"I'm so happy!"—because you are having fellowship, a party. This party is not like the parties in the world with sinful and worldly things. It is a party of the Son, Jesus Christ. We are enjoying Him. We are happy with Him and happy because of Him. We are so happy because He is our joy. He is our enjoyment. Our fellowship, our enjoyment, our party, is to partake of, to participate in, the all-inclusive Christ. The faithful God has called us with a purpose. This purpose is that we may participate in His Son, Jesus Christ. This means that God has given us Christ and that He has called us into the enjoyment of Christ.