Grant us the vision clear to see

Grant us the vision clear to see
  We need a new humanity;
From all our nature, we must be free;
  Eating of Jesus is the key!
  Breathing this man within the Word,
    Calling with them who call “O Lord“;
  Eating this man in one accord—
    Breathe, call and eat!
Our flesh for building is no good;
  God’s house must have acacia wood!
Christ’s human life is balanced and fine,
  And it’s adorned with gold divine.
  We want to stand as boards so strong,
    Held by the bars where we belong;
  To be the church for which You long—
    One full-grown man!
Satan’s one aim: to ruin man,
  Man, who’s the center of God’s plan!
But man will rule the earth utterly,
  Conquering every enemy.
  Each time we turn and eat this man
    We put an end to Satan’s plan.
  Jesus through His humanity
    Has conquered all!
Hekta Dee.

Pretoria, South Africa

I was enjoying John 19:5. Behold, the Man! Only this humanity can fulfil God's plan.