Abide in Thee! in that deep love of Thine

Abide in Thee! in that deep love of Thine,
My Jesus, Lord, Thou Lamb of God divine,
Down, closely down, as living branch with tree,
I would abide, my Lord, my Christ, in Thee.
Abide in Thee! my Savior God, I know
How love of Thine so vast in me may flow,
My empty vessel, running o’er with joy,
Must overflow to Thee without alloy.
Abide in Thee! nor doubt, nor self, nor sin,
Can e’er prevail with Thy blest life within;
Joined to Thyself, communing deep, my soul
Knows naught besides its motions to control.
Abide in Thee! ’tis thus I only know
The secrets of Thy mind e’en while below—
All joy and peace, and knowledge of Thy word,
All pow’r and fruit, and service for the Lord.
Sharad Kunnath

Bennington, NE, United States

Yes Lord help me to abide and cease from my old man straining and rest in your love.

Kitty Joubert

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Abide in Thee! in that deep love of Thine...

Reymar Endrinal

Butuan City

As the vine wa are the branches so we must abide in the Lord so that His Love will be in us. HALLELUJAH! We should abide in Him in that deep Love of thine will be in us. AMEN AMEN AMEN! How touchable the song.