Cords of a Man, Bands of Love

I was drawn to the world and it’s sin,
I was seeking but empty within;
Then this man crossed my path,
And instead of God’s wrath
He loved me and opened God’s heart!
Jesus loves me and waters my heart.
  He drew me with cords of a man,
With bands of love;
Christ’s coming His living, His dying,
His rising far above,
Descending... like a dove;
Reaching me, even me,
With God’s love.
I was seeking the world and it’s things,
I was wealthy and yet could not see
It was Christ I desired,
Of the world I was tired,
He loved me and came to my house!
Jesus loves me and saves all my house!
I was happy with friends, all my mates,
With my music, wild parties and dates;
Yet when Christ came to call,
I have gladly left all!
He loved me and He gave His all!
Jesus loves me, I answer His call!
Dasha Chong

Stuttgart, Germany

Jesus loves me and waters my heart!!

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

He drew me with love (#Cord)

Christian Wilks

Champaign, IL, United States

Lord thank you for drawing me! Keep me seeking after you!