Inward Christians

Make me an inward Christian, Lord,
Weighty within I’d be;
I’d do things from the deepest part,
Live fully unto Thee.
  Paying attention to one thing—
The wondrous Christ within,
All persons, every matter, everything,
Into the spirit bring.
To not by knowledge, doctrine, live,
But eat the tree of life;
First caring for the flow within,
Never by self to strive.
Not outward changing of myself,
But transformed inwardly,
Not self improvement, self control,
But Christ who reigns in me.
Unfazed by outward sufferings,
Glory to glory bring;
Through Baca’s valley traveling,
Yet making it a spring.
Highways to Zion make my heart,
From strength to strength each day
Taking the church way inwardly,
The inner life t’obey.
Living in the reality,
Though outward shell we see,
On the intrinsic focusing,
We’ll constituted be.