I clasp the hand of Love divine

I clasp the hand of Love divine,
I claim the gracious promise mine,
And add to His my countersign,
  “I take”—“He undertakes.”
  I take Thee, blessed Lord,
  I give myself to Thee,
And Thou, according to Thy word,
    Dost undertake for me.
I take salvation full and free,
Through Him who gave His life for me,
He undertakes my all to be,
  “I take”—“He undertakes.”
I take Him as my holiness,
My spirit’s spotless, heavenly dress,
I take the Lord, my righteousness,
  “I take”—“He undertakes.”
I take the promised Holy Ghost,
I take the power of Pentecost,
To fill me to the uttermost,
  “I take”—“He undertakes.”
I take Him for this mortal frame,
I take my healing through His Name,
And all His risen life I claim,
  “I take”—“He undertakes.”
I simply take Him at His word,
I praise Him that my prayer is heard,
And claim my answer from the Lord,
  “I take”—“He undertakes.”
Tim sung

Arlington, TX, United States

Enjoyed this around the camp fire at the duecks