How sweet is the story of Christ’s boundless love

How sweet is the story of Christ’s boundless love,
That brought Him to suffer from glory above!
He died in our stead upon Calvary’s tree,
Obtaining redemption that we might be free.
  Sound His praise! Sound His praise!
  All the work has been done;
Praise His name! Praise His name!
  Jesus, God’s blessed Son.
We give Him the glory, our Savior and Friend;
  Our song is of Jesus and never will end.
How wondrous the story! the law’s holy claims
Were met by the blood which redemption proclaims.
The judgment of sin has been borne by the Son,
Who glorified God in the work He has done.
How brilliant the glory where Christ is enthroned
How rightly His name above others is owned!
Yes, Jesus, the Savior, the glory-crowned Lord,
Is worthy by all to be ever adored.

Taipei, Taiwan

Praise You Lord for Your redemption. All the work has been done. Thank You for opening a new and living way. for us to draw near You. We give You the glory.

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Praise the Lord! All the work has been done. This morning we give You all the glory!

David Clarke

Bishop Auckland, County Durham, New Zealand

Who knows anything about this author (R D Edwards)?


Jakarta, Indonesia

Praise Him! Praise Him! He has died for us.