Jesus, the sinner’s Friend

Jesus, the sinner’s Friend,
  We hide ourselves in Thee;
God looks upon Thy sprinkled blood,
  It is our only plea.
He hears Thy precious Name,
  We claim it as our own;
The Father must accept and bless
  His well-beloved Son.
Thou hast fulfilled the law,
  And we are justified:
Ours is the blessing, Thine the curse;
  We live, for Thou hast died.
Jesus, the sinner’s Friend!
  We cannot speak Thy praise;
No mortal voice can sing the song
  That ransomed hearts would raise.
But when before the throne,
  Thy face we all shall see,
Clothed in our blood-bought robes of white,
  We’ll stand complete in Thee.
Jesus, we’ll give Thee then
  Such praises as are meet,
And give ten thousand thanks to Thee,
  Adoring, at Thy feet.
Dr. George McIntosh

Skipton, United Kingdom

Sang this now for over 70 years and still can say, He is this sinner's friend

Stephen Gibney

Fords, New Jersey, United States

This hymn beautifully and profoundly demonstrates the doctrine of justification and "the Great Exchange" between Christ and His elect people. It shows how hymns and doctrine go hand in hand and if pure doctrine is preached our worship will express it.