Oh, how glorious is Thy table, Lord

Oh, how glorious is Thy table, Lord,
Thou, the man, our Host, presiding,
In Thy house, Thy home, abiding;
Oh, how glorious is Thy table, Lord!
  Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Hallelujah for this feast!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
  Oh, how glorious is Thy table, Lord!
How enjoyable Thy table, Lord,
As we fellowship around it,
Hallelujah, we have found it,
How enjoyable Thy table, Lord!
Oh, how precious is Thy table, Lord—
Bread and wine Thy death announcing;
Here our soul-life we’re renouncing,
By partaking of Thy table, Lord.
How significant Thy table, Lord—
We Thy Body in the loaf seen,
Object of Thy love bespeaking;
How significant Thy table, Lord!
How refreshing is Thy table, Lord—
So completely satisfying,
Day by day our need supplying;
How refreshing is Thy table, Lord.
How encouraging Thy table, Lord—
“Till He come,” its promise giving
Hope, to fill our daily living;
How encouraging Thy table, Lord!
Gracie Lausted

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

How refreshing is Thy table Lord!

Virginia Martinez

Fomtana, CA, United States

The Lord’s Table is So Wonderful and MORE!!

Alina Chmunevych

Stockholm/Kiev, SE/UA

Hallelujah for this feast!

Oh, how glorious is Thy table, Lord!


David Obinna Oko

Stockholm, Botkyrka, Sweden

underbar melodier från Guds egen människor.Du ska för evrigt förblir Gud. Alla andra Gud är människor hantverk.



Day by day our need supplying - Praise the Lord! We can enjoy the Lord day by day!

Chris Schaefer

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Amen, thank You Lord for this feast.

Juan Esquela Goncena

Mexico City, Mexico

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Oh, how glorious is Thy table, Lord!

Ignacio Miller

Stockton, California, United States

How glorious is the table of our LORD!!!!! Praise the LORD!!!!!!

Ignacia Morales

Victorville, California (CA), United States

Oh how Glorious is Thy table Lord!!!

Not important

Riverside, Ohio, United States

Jesus for the win