Lord, Thou art our peace offering

Lord, Thou art our peace offering;
  We lay our hands on Thee.
We’re one with Thee, Lord Jesus,
  In fact and practically.
Here in the tent of meeting
  We offer Thee to God
And with the Father feasting
  Enjoy Thee as our food.
  Christ is our peace! Christ is our peace!
  We praise Thee, blessed Lord!
Our peace with God, our peace with man
    Have fully been restored.
O what a peace it gives us
  To see the sprinkled blood.
The blood of our peace offering
  Has brought us peace with God.
With boldness we’re proclaiming—
  Now hear this, enemy—
“Peace by the blood of Jesus!”
  This is our victory.
Based on the burnt oblation
  And the meal offering too,
We now may offer Jesus
  As our peace offering true.
The more we eat and drink Him
  In His humanity,
The more we may enjoy Him
  While feasting corporately.
  What fellowship, what fellowship
  With God and man we share!
O what a joy, O what a feast
    With all God’s people here.
Here God enjoys His portion—
  ’Tis inward, hidden, sweet—
And all the priestly family
  May here the wave breast eat.
The offering priest—how precious—
  May of the best partake:
He gets the right heave shoulder
  And one unleavened cake.
How sweet to eat the wave breast,
  The all-embracing love
Of Christ in resurrection!
  It sets us all above.
What strength to eat the shoulder
  Of the ascended One
And with the cake be nourished
  To walk as He has done.
With all the cleansed ones feasting,
  How rich the Christ we eat!
Oh, this is true communion,
  The only way to meet.
We bring our full thanksgiving
  And e’en would make a vow—
We’re for the Lord’s recovery
  As He is for us now.
Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Christ is our peace!



基督是燔祭,素祭, 平安祭。🙂 We praise Thee, blessed Lord.




We praise Thee, blessed Lord.🙂