What He is: He’s the Father

What He is: He’s the Father.
He’s the everlasting Father.
He’s the firstborn of creation.
He’s the One who lives inside of me.
He’s the Father! Wonderful!
What He is: He’s the river.
He’s the mighty flowing river.
He waters me in a desert land.
He’s my hiding place; He is our man.
He’s the river! Wonderful!
What He is: He’s the vine tree.
He’s the branch, the root of Jesse.
He’s the tree of life: we have the right
To eat of Him and have His life.
He’s the vine tree! Wonderful!
What He is: He’s the Shepherd.
He’s the lamb of God, the he-goat.
We rest and feed in the pasture land.
We strike the blood and eat the lamb.
He’s the Shepherd! Wonderful!
What He is: He’s the Spirit.
He’s the all-inclusive Spirit.
He’s our everything; He’s our all in all.
He gives life to us whene’er we call.
He’s the Spirit! Wonderful!
What He is: He’s a Person.
He’s a real and living Person.
He is living now inside of us.
This Person is so glorious.
He’s a Person! Wonderful!
What He is: He’s the Body;
He’s the fulness of the Godhead;
He’s the center of the Father’s plan,
Christ and the church, the one new man.
He is wonderful, wonderful.
  He is wonderful, wonderful.
He is wonderful, wonderful.
Philip Hauser

Modesto, CA, United States

What He is? He is wonderful! Praise The Lord!


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Amen! The all inclusive Christ!


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Amen! O He is wonderful!

Sister Ma


He is a real living person inside me! He is wonderful!

Robert Maniaci

Fort Myers, Florida, United States

Christ is the reality.

Sara Z 🌻

New Jersey, United States

He is so wonderful! Hallelujah. He is just so wonderful.


Beijing, China



Charlottetown, PE, United States

No word enough to describe You my Lord. You are my all in all. So wonderful You are now in me. So wonderful.. wonderful...

Nick Meade

Austin, Texas, United States

What He is.... EVERYTHING, thank You Lord You are the great I Am.

Jeremiah Fichter

Columbus, OH, United States

What He is? He’s everything!