Tis the local church proclaiming

’Tis the local church proclaiming,
  Jesus is Lord!
All the saints with joy are naming
  Jesus as Lord.
All His work He has completed,
Satan and his hosts defeated;
On the throne of glory seated,
  Jesus is Lord!
Jesus is the living Spirit,
  Jesus is Lord!
He is here, all people, hear it:
  Jesus is Lord!
Be no more a poor lamenter;
Call on Him, and He will enter
And become your glorious center—
  Jesus is Lord!
He will transform all your living,
  Jesus, the Lord!
All His riches to you giving,
  Jesus, the Lord!
He’ll forever satisfy you,
Everyday real life supply you,
And with God will unify you,
  Jesus, the Lord!
In His mercy He received us,
  Jesus, the Lord!
He will never, never leave us,
  Jesus, the Lord!
All the fullness of His being
In His Body we are seeing,
And the enemy is fleeing—
  Jesus is Lord!

Tacoma, WA, United States

With Joy We are here proclaiming, JESUS IS LORD!


Atlanta, GA, United States

Amen, JESUS IS LORD! So refreshing!

Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

Never leave us... amen!


Tallahassee, FL, United States

His Body we are seeing, His enemy is fleeing, Jesus is Lord!!!!

Robert Maniaci

Fort Myers, Florida, United States

Jesus is Lord.


Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

The church is also an army.

On the one hand she is beautiful, on the other hand she is terrible. Song of Songs 6:10

To her Lord she is as the dawn, beautiful as the moon and clear as the sun. To the enemy she is terrible because her banners are unfurled. Not only is she ready for battle, she is already declaring victory.

When the the local church declares; Jesus is Lord , Satan and his hosts are defeated.

Hallelujah for the local church army on the earth today!


Jacksonville, FL, United States

Jesus is Lord, Hallelujah!!!


Tbilisi, Georgia

Jesus is Lord! Amen!

Rosita Enriquez

Anaheim, CA, United States

This song brings such an enjoyment, the tune is very good too. O may we all proclaim everywhere:

"Be no more a poor lamenter;

Call on Him, and He will enter"

We have what the World is longing for, give Him to them!