I’ve wandered far away from God

I’ve wandered far away from God,
  Now I’m coming home;
The paths of sin too long I’ve trod,
  Lord, I’m coming home.
  Coming home, coming home,
  Nevermore to roam;
Open wide Thine arms of love;
    Lord, I’m coming home.
I’ve wasted many precious years,
  Now I’m coming home;
I now repent with bitter tears,
  Lord, I’m coming home.
I’m tired of sin and straying, Lord,
  Now I’m coming home;
I’ll trust Thy love, believe Thy word;
  Lord, I’m coming home.
My soul is sick, my heart is sore,
  Now I’m coming home;
My strength renew, my hope restore:
  Lord, I’m coming home.
My only hope, my only plea,
  Now I’m coming home;
That Jesus died, and died for me;
  Lord, I’m coming home.
I need His cleansing blood, I know,
  Now I’m coming home;
O wash me whiter than the snow;
  Lord, I’m coming home.
Nikita Annam

Pune, Maharashtra, India


Anyone who hears this song will be blessed


Evg B Morgan

Ocala, Florida, United States

I am so bless when I sing this song. I feel the holy spirit moves with in me, and am closer drawn to the Lord. May God bless those 🙌 🙏 who wrote songs like these.


I don’t even know if actually He exist but each time I go through these words I feel like He is standing behind of me and watching at me


I was going through turbulent times, I felt my heart was completely detached from me, I had zero believe in God and I just remembered that was not right path I was taking.

I felt I needed salvation for my soul and the song hit right at that moment.

I cried and prayed to God to listen to me yet again. I was just a wicked human being, but this song gave an extra hope.

I hope to pick up from where I left in my religious ministry, to be the defender of the truth and salvation from our God.

Emmanuel Aruehi

Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

I indeed wander far away from God, thank God after a massage I had l remember this very song, by his grace I am back to the owner of my soul.

Dr Bassey Anam

Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria

This song inspires me to pray on the riches of God's mercy.

Joy Onumateka

Indian Land, SC, United States

This song came to my mind when I started singing create in me a clean heart O Lord. Then I decided to look it upon on google. I felt I needed God once again because I felt I have wondered far away from Him. Sometimes it’s good to feel sober. Thanks

Ademola Olusegun Olanrewaju

Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

This music is an inspired one to my life. I love to sing it right from my teenage. Pls I want to download it so as to be singing it and to know the lyrics. Thanks 👍

Bro Yerima, Emmanuel

Mutum Biyu, Taraba, Nigeria

Wao! I got inspired to listen to this hymn, it's living, it has reawakened my spirit. Blessed be thy name, LORD I have come.

Rev.Nicholas Komakech

Kitgum, Northern Uganda, Uganda

This song carries me up in the spirit of God , thanks for giving us the whole lyrics. May God bless you .