From the north where God is dwelling

From the north where God is dwelling
Comes a rushing, stormy gale.
Now the mighty Spirit blowing
All our being does assail.
We are stirred to our foundations—
How this wind awakens us!
Thus we’re open for God’s dealings,
And the cloud descends on us.
With the cloud we have His presence
Sweetly hov’ring over us;
So enveloped by His nearness;
In the Lord we put our trust.
But the cloud brings with it fire
To consume our selfish lusts;
That as ashes something higher
May be added into us.
Then from out the flashing fire
Comes th’ electrum glowing bright.
God as gold and man as silver
Now are mingled. What a sight!
This bright metal, O Lord Jesus,
Is Thyself, Lamb-God sublime.
O Lord, work Thyself within us
Till th’ electrum in us shines.
By our passing through this cycle,
Living creatures we become
To express the life of Jesus;
He with whom we’ve been made one.
We express Him as a human,
As a man so good and fine;
Balanced, normal, never striving;
Fully human, yet divine.
We express Him as a lion
Conquering every enemy;
As an ox obedient, lowly,
Faithful in His ministry.
We express Him as an eagle,
So transcendent, soaring high;
Never held by fear or flatter,
He above it all does fly.
Hallelujah! What a figure
Of the way God deals with us!
From the wind, cloud, fire, electrum,
To the creatures glorious:
As the man, the ox and lion,
As the eagle—all the four
Will be our complete expression
As we eat Him more and more.
John T. C. Kan

Chicago, IL, United States

With the cloud we have His presence

Sweetly hov’ring over us;

So enveloped by His nearness;

In the Lord we put our trust.

Thank the Lord for the vision of Ezekiel unveiled by the ministry of the age. The gale wind, God’s dealings, awakens us, but if there were no the cloud, the presence of the Lord leading His people, there could be no fire, the burning away of the dross of man’s selfish lusts, there could be no electrum, the mingling of God and man, there could be no living creatures, man, the lion, the ox, the eagle to accomplish God’s eternal purpose, New Jerusalem

Victoria L.

Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Lord, You are more than our feeble minds can grasp. Thank You indeed, Lord for the process of the wind, cloud and fire and the shining alloy. All these is to enliven us, making us living creatures for Your purpose. Praise You Lord. Amen.


Round Rock, Texas, United States

Lord, thank You for expounding Your word through this song.