If God leads you to walk a way

  If God leads you to walk
A way that you know,
It will not benefit you as much as
If He would lead you to take the way
That you do not know.
This forces you to have
Hundreds and thousands of
Conversations with Him,
Resulting in a journey that is an
Everlasting memorial
Between you and Him.

Kampala, Uganda

Wow...Lord keep us on the way You have called us to walk on, God's eternal economy. Grant us the grace and mercy, that through the hundreds and thousands of conversations with You, we will see You as You are. Lord, we want nothing else but You. O Lord, keep us in You.



The goal of our living is to follow the Lamb, wherever He may go. Lord, gain us more each day. Lord Jesus I love You!


Singapore, Singapore

I chanced upon this song at a junction of my life that I have to assume so many multiple roles, sometimes feeling very inadequate, anxious and confused. This song certainly affirms HIS presence with me - His words encouraged me in the morning, wrapped up with this song at night! God is GOOD and the greatest Lover of our souls!

Blendy Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Especially these days, I am leaded to the unknown way. I don't know what I should choose and go, but this hymn encourages me a lot. It really forces me to have hundreds, thousands of conversation, fellowship with Him. Praise the Lord.



The hymn touched me to consecrate myself to be "an Abraham", who takes God's presence as my road map. How wonderful that we are only pilgrims on the earth who "wander without a home", living the life of altar and tent. (Memorial Day Conference 2009)


Taguig, Philippines

We should trust in the Lord always. God knows everything. Amen.

Karen Faith Tunay

Iligan, Philippines

Amen! Always trust an unknown future to a known God! Even though the pathway is narrow, we just depend on the Spirit's leading and we will have wonderful experiences with the Lord.


United States

Praise the Lord for He leads me to a way I don't know. Praise the Lord for the hundreds and thousands of fellowship with my Beloved. As long as He is leading, He is carrying me through. He narrows the way so that I can do nothing but depend on Him.


London, United Kingdom

After the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, the pillar of cloud led them to Marah, and then to Elim. If we study a map, we shall see that they did not journey in a way that was according to the human concept, but in a way that was according to the divine concept... Remember that it was God Himself in the pillar that led the people on their journey... our concept is that this experience of resurrection will be on a way that is upward, not on a way that leads downward. In our opinion, any way that leads downward is not in resurrection. Yes, in itself resurrection takes us upward, but its application requires us to take a way that leads in a downward direction.

(Life-Study of Exodus, Msg 31 (c) LSM)



A very beautiful hymn. The content is marvelous. Our Lord is wonderful and He is so loving that He just wants us to always speak to Him, to always converse with Him just like Moses did, conversing with Him face to face. It's true that we are forced to converse with Him when we don't know our path. It results in a journey that is an everlasting memorial between us and Him. I praise the Lord for His ways. May the Lord be merciful to us to see Him, love Him, trust Him and obey Him.