If God leads you to walk a way

  If God leads you to walk
A way that you know,
It will not benefit you as much as
If He would lead you to take the way
That you do not know.
This forces you to have
Hundreds and thousands of
Conversations with Him,
Resulting in a journey that is an
Everlasting memorial
Between you and Him.
Sorary Jean Valdez

San Mariano, Isabela, Philippines

Amen. The Lord's way is the best!

Oftentimes we try to walk on our own path thinking it is the right way, yet, the Lord continually lead us toward Him. What a mercy this is. Lord Jesus lead us to Your way.


Anaheim, CA, United States

O Lord, have Your free way in me!

I will always stop and pray for Your lead.

Wherever You go I follow.


San Juan, M.M., Philippines

Many times, we trust in ourselves, that we can do many things with our own effort. So the Lord arranges many situations in our lives. Also, we will meet many testings too because such environments gives us the opportunity to turn to Him. During such turning, that these times becomes the sweetest and precious moments. Lord Jesus, I still love You!


Rizal, Philippines

God cause us to move away, to take the path that we don't know, to realize all the things that we have today we are standing right now are all temporary. We need to realize that God arrange everything and put us to that journey that where He may lead us for us to see that God is all we need all we can depend on and He is Everything to us..


Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines

Because of this hymn I remember my first time when I said to the Lord that I consecrate myself to Him.

Matthew Zhang


This is my first gift from a brother in FTTM.

Rosita Enriquez

Anaheim, CA, United States

Wow! It is when we do not know where to go that we are weak, and depend on The Lord so much. We are forced, even desperate and what do we have to do, call "O Lord." Eventually, hundreds and thousands of conversations between only He and I come to exist. Wow! He's been longing for this! We are comforted, He is pleased, He waters us, we are refreshed! And although we do not know which way to go, He as Peace overlwhelms us, lulls our weary soul and it's ok.

Caroline J. Floralde

Manila, Bulacan, Philippines

He always lead us in right path. The LORD JESUS is a central line and also living WORD OF GOD. If we want to know the Lord Jesus, we must read and understand the Bible. I LOVE YOU, LORD JESUS.

Tiong Ik Ing, Rebekah

Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Praise the Lord! The Lord is our way, our true leading. Without Him, we'll go astray, and we are nothing. We just simply give ourselves to Him, let Him work and operate in us for the accomplishment of God's will.


Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Love this hymn! It reminds me to follow His way with a simple heart. Sometimes, what we get is not what we want. But what we receive is what He thinks is the best for us! Lord, I don't want to have my own will, but Your heart desire as my heart's desire. Lord, lead me on Your way!