Can you be obedient

Can you be obedient
  To the Lord of all,
Though the earth should totter,
  Though the heav'ns should fall?
Face e'en a disaster
  With a faith-filled heart,
Knowing naught can harm him
  Who with Christ will start?
Can you be obedient
  To the Lord you serve,
Never even flinch, friend,
  Never even swerve;
Though your next step onward
  Seem to lead to death?
Can you then obey Him
  Without bated breath?
Can you trust your Leader
  When He bids you go
Right into a battle
  With a mighty foe?
Can you step up briskly
  And with joy obey?
Can you fight the battle,
  Till the end of day?
Can you? Then beloved,
  Christ just waits for you;
Listen for His orders,
  Glad His will to do;
Then when soldiers muster
  At the set of sun,
And your name is mentioned,
  Christ will say, "Well done."