To You, dear Lord

To You, dear Lord,
I give myself afresh again
Unsparingly for Your desire,
Your economy.
O, fire from above,
Come and consume me thoroughly
That You may be my all,
My life, my everything.
It's Your mercy and Your love
That I can give myself to You.
Since it's in like manner
That You gave up Yourself for me.
Set Your throne in my heart
From now on to the very end.
It takes eternity to know its worth
To You, to me.
Fred Balasabas

Church In Sta Catalina, Negros Oriental, Philippines

His love always constrains us, even if we have a lot of failures defects and short comings, His loving care will never change. I love You Lord, I love the saints, the church which is the Body and Your economy.

Ashlynne Macnee

Arlington, Texas, United States

I love this song! I like the music itself, and it can be sung in rounds!

I really enjoyed that we need to give ourself afresh to the Lord unsparingly for His economy and desire!

Teresa Lam

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

This song is so touching for me. I've always loved this song, even if it was just the music at first. But now, having the realisation that this song is about absolute consecration to the Lord, it tells me that it's by the Lord's love that we would be so constrained to love Him back, to consecrate our entire lives to Him. After all, His love is the motive for our consecration.

I also enjoyed that this consecration to the Lord, it's a matter that needs to be continuous, and not "once-for-all". The first stanza reads: "To You, dear Lord I give myself AFRESH again..." Day by day, we need to freshly give ourselves to the Lord, unsparingly for His desire. O may we experience His love in such a sweet way, to absolutely consecrate ourselves to Him, for His economy so glorious :)

Abigail Vinson

Irving, Texas, United States

I really enjoy this song, and I use it for thinking background music. I really enjoy the last verse. Set your throne in my heart, From now on to the very end, It takes eternity to know it's worth,To you, to me. Amen!! This song is my favorite!

Jonathan Gines

Lebak, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines

I'm so appreciating this song. It gives me inspiration in my church life. Amen.

nelsie patungan

Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines

Lord Jesus You are faithful.

Dale Pitcher

Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

Life is so hard and this song really turns me back for a small period of time when I used to consecrate my being to Jesus.


mark sumie

Cebu City Philippines, Cebu, Philippines

This really touches my entire being. I love You Lord Jesus!!!!!!!!!!


Cagayan De Oro, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Praise the Lord, alleluia!


London, United Kingdom

"Dear divine Flame, come! Come and judge! Come and purify! Come and refine that You may gain what You are after (the golden lampstand)."

I particularly touch that "it is by your MERCY and LOVE" that I can give myself to You because the Lord in like manner "sold EVERYTHING" to purchase us.

It will take eternity to know its worth... Lord, may You gain what You after.