To You, dear Lord

To You, dear Lord,
I give myself afresh again
Unsparingly for Your desire,
Your economy.
O, fire from above,
Come and consume me thoroughly
That You may be my all,
My life, my everything.
It's Your mercy and Your love
That I can give myself to You.
Since it's in like manner
That You gave up Yourself for me.
Set Your throne in my heart
From now on to the very end.
It takes eternity to know its worth
To You, to me.

It’s Your mercy and Your love that I can give myself to You.

Preserved by the Lord

Carmona, Cavite, Philippines

Oh Lord after all the things that happened just recently, I just can't stop my eyes from crying and my heart and lips in hardly praising You for the salvation which You have granted me..

Oh Lord, indeed You are listening to the groaning of the Spirit whithin us..and NOW that You have saved me wholly and perfectly, it is Your mercy and Your love that I can give myself to you again, no more dragging of feet, just surrendering my all to You...

Oh Lord, I am reconsecrating myself to You and to You economy again, set Your throne from now on to the very end...

I love You, My Love, My Master....T__T


Thank You Lord for Your great mercy and love to the church. Cause us also Lord to love You until You come back. ....thank You Lord Jesus in You we have real life, eternal life. Hallelujah to You Lord.


San Juan, MM, Philippines

Thank You Lord for Your mercy and love, that we can consecrate ourselves to You day after day after day.

"Set Your throne in my heart, from now on until the very end.

It takes eternity to know its worth

To You, to me."


San Juan, Philippines

It's been 10 years from my last comment on this song.. But until now this is still my consecration song.. "Lord, though how many years have passed, though how things have changed, good and bad, one after another. Lord, do keep our love for You. It's Your mercy and Your love that we can give ourselves to You. Keep us until the day of Your coming."


Pasay City

This song is so romantic.

Grace Chan

Buttterworth, Penang, Malaysia

Lord, I give myself to You afresh again!

Hannydave B. Abastillas

Pasay, Leyte, Philippines

Lord I love You always.............

Lj Ignacio

Baguio City, Benguet

Lord, we need You to come and consume us thoroughly that You may be our all, our everything, and our love.

Leira R. A. F.


Even though the Lord has already bought us with the most precious blood, making us His possession, still He does not force us to give ourselves to Him. He still seeks for our consecration that allows Him to work Himself in us and set His throne in our hearts. I always like hymns like these, those that express such consecration to the Lord. While we sing, we also give ourselves to Him at the same time. Praise the Lord for the utterance in this hymn! It's His mercy and His love that we give ourselves to Him!