O Lord, Thou art the Son of man

O Lord, Thou art the Son of man,
Our human nature Thou didst take;
Begotten of a virgin true,
Of flesh and blood Thou didst partake.
In bondman's form, with lowliness,
Thou walkedst on this earth of woe;
The human living Thou didst have
And all its suff'rings undergo.
Born in a manger as a babe,
Thou wast a child among the poor;
Thou as a carpenter didst work,
And e'en an outlaw's death endure.
Then Thou wast raised up from the dead,
Still with the human nature true;
And as a man in form divine,
Thou didst ascend to heaven too.
Now over all, and on the throne,
Thou, still a man, art glorified;
A man with God in light divine
With whom our God is satisfied.
In glory Thou wilt come again,
Still as a man appearing then;
As King of kings, with pow'r divine,
With human nature seen by men.
Thou, as the center of all things,
In the new heav'n and earth shalt be,
Forever as the One divine,
Existing in humanity.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.


London, United Kingdom

Thou as the centre of all things, in the new heaven and new earth shall be forever as the One divine, Existing in humanity. Amen


Bratislava, Slovakia

Praise the Lord for His Fine and Balanced Humanity!

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