Lord Jesus, I long in Thy presence to live

Cielo Sio

Quezon City, Philippines

I learned this hymn during my early years in the Lord. It's like a very sweet prayer unto the Lord. What touches me is the phrase -- "O let not my heart be contented or rest, when loving or seeking what with Thee doth part". In our human life on this earth, we can get easily attracted to many things other than Christ. Consciously or unconsciously, we are pursuing many things in this world which are not pleasing to the Lord. We may think that it's just alright but sooner or later we will find that our hearts are not at rest and still not contented. Then we must know that it is because we are loving and seeking many things other than Christ. Only Christ can satisfy us and fill us. Praise the Lord.

Esmonde Lim Wei Chen

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

I Like this hymn very much especially the last two lines of stanza 3.

"If thru my shortcomings Thou hear not my prayer, Withdraw not Thy presence, O hide not Thy face."

Enjoy His presence!

When we pray in our reading of the Word, we turn the verses we have read into prayer. When we pray, we must forget everything else and have only the Lord and His word. Hymns, #389 says, "From morning to evening my one world Thou art." This means that when we seek the Lord, we have only one world: "O Lord, You are my world; I seek You." When you pray a simple prayer like this, whatever you read and understand will enter into you. Once the word enters your spirit, it becomes the Spirit and life. However, if you do not pray, then the word that you read will not become the Spirit, nor will it become life.