Search me, O God, my actions try

Search me, O God, my actions try,
  And let my life appear
As seen by Thine all-searching eye—
  To mine my ways make clear.
Search all my sense, and know my heart
  Who only canst make known,
And let the deep, the hidden part
  To me be fully shown.
Throw light into the darkened cells,
  Where passion reigns within;
Quicken my conscience till it feels
  The loathsomeness of sin.
Search all my thoughts, the secret springs,
  The motives that control;
The chambers where polluted things
  Hold empire o'er the soul.
Search, till Thy fiery glance has cast
  Its holy light through all,
And I by grace am brought at last
  Before Thy face to fall.
Thus prostrate I shall learn of Thee,
  What now I feebly prove,
That God alone in Christ can be
  Unutterable love.
Alan Cook


What a hymn if we really want a closer walk with God let these words of conviction of the holy spirit do it's work in our hearts cutting through our hardness of heart breaking us till our own strength fails us it is then we are filled with the holy spirit there is our strength we are renewed to spread the life of God we can do all things in Christ Jesus who strengthens us


A challenge to me in a darkening world.

Karl Constantine Folkes

Valley Cottage, NY, United States

I was deeply touched in reading and meditating on this six-stanza poem which came to my attention today, March 10, 2022. The sentiments of the poem are quite close to my own poem, “Search me, O Lord, ” composed on February 11, 2022, and available online on poetry. com under my full name. Thanks for this uplifting prayerful message.

Karl C. Folkes


Elim Alliance Church

Valley Cottage, New York

Arokoyo Frederick

Abuja,m, FCT, Nigeria

Thanks for this hymn, God has used it to blessed me for years and is still a blessing to me now. Glory to God!


Happy Valley, United States

Lord make me your prisoner

Alberto Coelho

Sligo, Ireland

This is not just a hymn but a prayer sung of a contrite heart. We find very few songs like this today.



I bless the Lord for this song. I am sitting looking at myself in the spirit and watching how much I am full of pride. And I have done nothing. I OWE IT ALL TO JESUS. I definitely will be going to God again this morning in prayer for light to be thrown in my darken cells.


A wonderful hymn to pray. The light shines & we loath ourselves. Verses 4&5 are so poetic & beautiful. I enjoyed praying this hymn this morning, opening to the Lord. I love Him.


Nigeria, Nigeria

Thank you for putting this hymn here. I looked for it for a very long time now, put the spirit of God put it my heart during my prayers tonight. How good it is to know the importance of the light of God in our hearts.

Juliet Campbell

Kingston, Jamaica

A beautifully written song that truly inspires.