Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ

Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
  Nor creed, nor form, nor word,
Nor holy Church, nor human love,
  Compare with Thee, my Lord!
Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
  Thy love has conquered me;
Beneath Thy Cross I die to self,
  And live alone to Thee.
Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
  My inmost being fill;
So shall I think as Thou dost think,
  And will as Thou dost will.
Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
  Thy life transfigure mine;
And through this veil of mortal flesh,
  Lord, let Thy splendor shine.
Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
  My soul exults in Thee;
To be Thy slave, to do Thy will,
  Is my felicity.
Jaden Monteverde

United States

Amen! One of my favorite songs 👌👌👍👍👏👏

Taylor Jenkins

Roseburg, Oregon, United States

Oh Lord Jesus! Be supreme! My inmost being fill. Hallelujah!

Allen In Christ

San Marcos, TX, United States

Who is like him? Absolutely no one! Oh Jesus I love You! Keep me in Your love! And Be Thou supremest!

Toyin Diyan

London, United Kingdom

Lord Jesus grant me the mercy of seeing Your supremacy and excellency like the apostle Paul and Mary and many others who have seen it and poured themselves out because of Your worth.

Lord, do it for Your own sake - not for individual spirituality but for the building up of Your Body.


Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

For Him to be supreme is to consider Him and His worth above all! When Mary saw His supremacy, she responded by pouring out all she had on Him! When Paul saw His supremacy, his estimation of all his personal gain was as loss and garbage. Every letter Paul wrote showed how far above and excellent Christ was in comparison to everything! How daily I need revelations of Him to constantly value Him more than all else to me.

Isaiah Tor

United States

The supremacy of Christ is not only objectively recognised but is also subjectively and deeply received and experienced by the writer, as encompassing all our lives. Particularly we see the aspect of God's organic salvation in the later verses of this hymn as a spontaneous result of being under His headship.