Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ

Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
  Nor creed, nor form, nor word,
Nor holy Church, nor human love,
  Compare with Thee, my Lord!
Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
  Thy love has conquered me;
Beneath Thy Cross I die to self,
  And live alone to Thee.
Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
  My inmost being fill;
So shall I think as Thou dost think,
  And will as Thou dost will.
Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
  Thy life transfigure mine;
And through this veil of mortal flesh,
  Lord, let Thy splendor shine.
Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
  My soul exults in Thee;
To be Thy slave, to do Thy will,
  Is my felicity.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Thank You Lord for showing me all he is.

No more seeking vainly worldly affairs .

His love has conquered me.

My everlasting one.


United States

May our testimony be,

"Lord, You are the One.

By Your love, You have won me

and now You are the best of me.

No one has surpassed You,

I have no other.

Only You satisfy my inmost being.

Lord, You are supreme."

Madelyn Cao

Irvine, CA, United States

Be Thou supreme, Oh Jesus Christ,

Nothing compares to Thee, my Lord!


Hallelujah for such a lover

Ana Lara

United States

John Temperley Grey was born in 1837 near Hexam, Northumberland, England and died August 26, 1903 in Abbotsford, Somerset, England. He became a Congregational minister at Buckinghamshire. Temperley Grey, also a clerk, visited John Newman during Newman’s last illness. John Newman who grew up a Calvinist, decided to enter the ministry and was ordained in 1843. Later he embraced Catholicism and became a Cardinal of St. George of Velabro. Newman’s sister wrote children’s hymns titled, “Hymns for Children on the Lord’s Prayer. ”

John Temperley Grey’s works include “Lays of a Christian Life, ” (1868) and “A Village Apostle and Other Verses. ” (1902)

Grey dedicated the earlier book of poems to his wife. The introduction reads:

“My Dear Wife;

These lays of that Christian life which we have shared together are most affectionately inscribed. ”

One Of the poems is based on John 1:14 titled “Emmanuel” (The poem contains six more stanzas):

Great Son of God, Great Son of Man!

Who didst our human nature take;

And out of all its fondness make,

As light so clear the Father’s plan.

Who stood in all our steps and trod,

In all its length the human way;

And sin, and ill and death did slay,

And bound together man and God.

Thine is the heart that feels our woes,

And Thine the voice of all who plead;

And Thine the love that meets our need,

And Thine the hand that smites the foe.

When first we know ourselves and know,

The guilt of guilt, the wrong of wrong;

And all that we think safe and strong,

Dissolves as fast as summer snow.

While all our histories do but tell,

Of petty arms and selfish strife;

Of life that having lost its life,

Is slowly sinking into hell.

Then as the anguished heart finds vent,

In tears, in groans, in cries for grace;

Thine is the soft and kind embrace,

Of arms that fold the penitent.

Angela Murray

London, United Kingdom

I love You as the One who is the great I am! Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ! Continue to fill my inward being with just You. Fill my being until my thoughts match your thoughts and my will match your will.

Nelson K

Sydney, Australia

"Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ..."

Jaden Monteverde

United States

Amen! One of my favorite songs 👌👌👍👍👏👏

Taylor Jenkins

Roseburg, Oregon, United States

Oh Lord Jesus! Be supreme! My inmost being fill. Hallelujah!

Allen In Christ

San Marcos, TX, United States

Who is like him? Absolutely no one! Oh Jesus I love You! Keep me in Your love! And Be Thou supremest!