Lord, Your return

Lord, Your return...
How long must it be, dear Lord?
The ages have come,
The centuries have gone,
The years have passed us by.
  Lovely One, come soon.
Precious Lord, return!
Lord, do not delay.
We'll redeem everyday
For Your coming soon.
A generation...
Lord, of them that seek Your face;
A remnant for You
Whose hearts are so true.
They're those who just love You.
  King of glory come in!
Saints, open wide to Him.
O, lift up Your gate,
It's not too late.
Let the King come in.
A generation...
With a goal to bring You back.
Their treasure is You,
You're their future too.
They care for only You.
  This goal is deep within,
A fire that's burning in them.
They're consumed by this zeal,
This only is real,
Lord, to bring You back.
A generation...
Lord, by You they are possessed.
You have captured their heart,
The world has no part,
Their joy is only You.
  They're virgins pure and wise.
Just You are in their eyes.
Their hearts make full room
For You, dear Bridegroom,
For Your coming soon.
Oh, generation...
The Spirit and Bride say come —
The Spirit's calling you.
The Bride is calling too!
Take heed to this mingled cry!
  Come, oh seekers, come
To our Groom, most pleasant Person.
God's eternal plan
Is to mingle with man.
This His satisfaction.
Oh come, Lord Jesus...
For this cause, Lord, strengthen us.
Keep us faithful to stand
All the way to the end.
Uphold us in Your hands.
  Come, Lord Jesus, come
For Your Bride, New Jerusalem.
Till we meet face to face,
Fill us daily with grace.
For that day make haste.
Barbara Greenwood

Praise You Lord Jesus! You are preparing your bride! You have captured our heart! It is all up to you!! We love you, because you first love us, every moment every day.


Los Angeles, CA, United States

King of glory, come into our hearts. Saints, open wide to Him. Thank you for another opportunity right now to lift up our gates and let You come in. Make us this generation who are absolutely open to and absolutely possessed by You so You can have a way prepared for You to come back!


California, United States

O, lift up Your gate,

It’s not too late.

Let the King come in.

Brenda Benedetto Eszlinger

Brookings, OR, United States

So real!

Cornelius Mensah

Accra, Ghana

Lord make us heed to the mingled cry of the Spirit and the bride bidding us to come!

Eleanor Wakou

Austin, TX, United States

Come Lord Jesus!! Make us ready! Prepare us for Your return! We want You to come back!


Houston, Texas, United States

A generation...

Lord, by You they are possessed.

You have captured their heart,

The world has no part,

Their joy is only You.

O Lord, Your return.


Moreno Valley, California, United States

Lord wake my spirit up. Wake us up. Oh Lord Jesus! We care for only You! We are Your generation. We are Your precious people.

Micah Bactol

Cabanatuan City, Philippines

Lord, truly, You are working throughout the generations. Lord, intensify Your work in our midst. Oh Lord Jesus, we need You! May You raise up more remnants who are fully possessed and captured by You. Lord, we pray that this would be the generation that would bring You back! Lord, do not delay. Cause us to redeem our time in these days. Don't let this generation pass us by again.

Godfred Kumahor

Accra, Ghana

This song is always refreshing, encouraging. Anytime I sing this song I love the Lord the more. Lord Jesus come quickly!!