Jesus has loved me, wonderful Savior

Jesus has loved me, wonderful Savior!
Jesus has loved me, I cannot tell why;
Came He to rescue sinners all worthless;
My heart He conquered, for Him I would die.
  Glory to Jesus, wonderful Savior!
Glory to Jesus, the One I adore;
Glory to Jesus, wonderful Savior!
  Glory to Jesus, and praise evermore.
Jesus has saved me, wonderful Savior!
Jesus has saved me, I cannot tell how;
All that I know is He was my ransom,
Dying on Calv'ry with thorns on His brow.
Jesus will lead me, wonderful Savior!
Jesus will lead me, I cannot tell where;
But I will follow, through joy or sorrow,
Sunshine or tempest, sweet peace or despair.
Jesus will crown me, wonderful Savior!
Jesus will crown me, I cannot tell when;
His throne of splendor hail I with gladness,
Crowned with the glory of God among men.

Meriden, KS, United States

He loved me, He saved me, He leads me now, He will crown me one day. This wonderful pattern is consistently followed by most all great hymns of faith. It is our story that we will tell with joy for eternity.

As much as I love the modern songs of faith, quite often they are too short to fully tell the full story of our salvation. Thanks to Jesus for the great hymns that have endured the test of time. The church testifying they are worthy to tell the great story by still singing them a century later.


Chennai, Tamilnadu, India



Toronto, ON, Canada

Echoes what I feel in my heart about Jesus my Lord and Saviour so beautifully!

Rev. John Chao

Willowbrook, Illinois, United States

Hi, Tim. This is also one of my favorites. I always sang it during my worship training tour as an example of an anointed hymn. The tune is from Antoine Édouard Batiste from Paris, France.

1820-1876. you can verify it at website. God bless.


Burlington, Ontario, Canada

This old hymn has to be one of my favourites in terms of melody. Does anyone know the origin of the tune? The words tell the beautiful story of Christ's love and promise as well. Sang this growing up in a small town Church in Canada. I always thought the tune could be English?



I Love this song, the lyrics are from the heart! The melody is lovely, simple, sweet. I will keep this hymn adoring Jesus in my soul all the day long! No matter what we face how wonderful to worship our Lord and sing praises enduring for ever more.


Glen Innes, Nsw, Australia

For a lot of reasons I won't go into here, I had a hard time believing that Jesus could possibly love me. He has been making me understand that yes, in fact, He does. This lovely song is a reminder of that truth, Jesus loves us all. It also teaches us to trust him, we don't have to know where when why or how, we just need to trust Him and follow our good Shepherd. He's in control. Blessings!


Lamar, Missouri, U.S.A.

I love this song, at our singings with our youth group this song is in one of our songbooks, and every time we sing out of them this one is always picked. :)