I was lost in sin but Jesus rescued me

I was lost in sin but Jesus rescued me,
  He's a wonderful Savior to me;
I was bound by fear but Jesus set me free,
  He's a wonderful Savior to me.
  For He's a wonderful Savior to me,
  He's a wonderful Savior to me;
I was lost in sin, but Jesus took me in,
    He's a wonderful Savior to me.
He's a Friend so true, so patient and so kind,
  He's a wonderful Savior to me;
Everything I need in Him I always find,
  He's a wonderful Savior to me.
He is always near to comfort and to cheer,
  He's a wonderful Savior to me;
He forgives my sins, He dries my every tear,
  He's a wonderful Savior to me.
Dearer grows the love of Jesus day by day,
  He's a wonderful Savior to me;
Sweeter is His grace while pressing on my way,
  He's a wonderful Savior to me.
Chidiebere Felix

Myanmar, Imo State, Nigeria

Wonderful saviour to me also

I was lost in sin




Yes my Lord is a Wonderful Savior to me every day Amen 🙏🏻

Steve Miller

Detroit, MIchigan, United States

In his book of memoirs, written 2 years before his home-going in 1976 at the age of 91, Virgil Brock recalls numerous incidents from his active and colorful Christian life:

I was the 6th of 8 sons born to my Quaker parents. My parents were devout and firm in their spiritual convictions. They abhorred liquor, tobacco, and corrupt speech, and ardently practiced what they believed to be the teaching of the Bible. I was converted at the age of 16 at a nearby church revival meeting. Soon I felt the call for Christian service and prepared myself with studies at the Fairmont Friends Academy and Earlham College in Indiana. During this time I pastored several small Quaker churches. Some time later, I met and married a talented singer and pianist named Blanche Kerr - 'The Belle of the Community'.

Until Blanche's death from cancer in 1958, the Brocks were actively involved in evangelism and much song writing. In the Warsaw-Winona Lake cemetery, a large monument was erected for Blanche with the words and music of the most famous hymn that they wrote together, "Beyond the Sunset, O blissful morning," fully engraved in stone as a tribute to the dedicated ministries of this talented couple. Most of the more than 500 gospel songs written by Virgil Brock were in collaboration with his wife Blanche.


Virgil writes: "Beyond the Sunset" was born during a conversation at the dinner table on evening in 1936. We had been watching a very unusual sunset at Winona Lake, Indiana, with a blind guest - my cousin Horace Burr - and his wife Grace. A large area of the water appeared ablaze with the glory of God, yet there were threatening storm clouds gathering overhead. Returning to our home, we went to the dinner table still talking about the impressive spectacle we had witnessed.

Our blind guest remarked, "I have never seen a more beautiful sunset."

"But cousin Horace, people are always amazed when you talk about seeing, when they know that you have always been blind."

"But I can see .... for I see through other people's eyes; and I think I often see more clearly than they do - because I see beyond the sunset."

It was that phrase, "beyond the sunset," and the striking inflection of his voice that struck me so forcibly ... I began singing the first few measures. Then his wife interrupted me - "That's beautiful .... Virgil; please go to the piano and sing that phrase again." We went to the piano nearby and soon completed the first verse.

Horace then said, "Virgil, now you should have a verse about the storm clouds."

And the words for this verse came quickly as well. Recalling how closely our guests Horace and Grace had walked hand in hand together for so many years due to his blindness, the 3rd verse was soon added. Before the evening meal was finished, all 4 stanzas had been written and we sang the entire song together with much excitement. - '52 Hymn Stories Dramatized' by Kenneth W. Osbeck

June Estelle Cash

Blaine, WA, United States

Thank you that I can listen and love my Savior - I belong to a Church that still sings the old songs - I hope and pray God uses this site to encourage many.

Jean Patience

Kolwezi, Katanga, Democratic Republic Of Congo

O yes, His is a wonderful Savior to me and He cares for me. Thank You Jesus my Savior for Your blood.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI

Born near Celina, Ohio, Virgil Brock grew up in a Quaker home and became a Quaker pastor. He and his wife, Blanch Kerr, were involved in evangelism and song writing. He, together with his wife, wrote more than 500 gospel songs. He especially enjoyed leading congregational singing where his vibrancy was contagious. His last days were spent at Youth Haven Ranch, a mission for underprivileged children at Rives Junction, Michigan. - Songs of the Spirit by Martin