O Christ, He is the fountain

O Christ, He is the fountain,
  The deep, sweet well of life:
Its living streams I've tasted
  Which save from grief and strife.
And to an ocean fulness,
  His mercy doth expand;
His grace is all-sufficient
  As by His wisdom planned.
O I am my Beloved's,
  And my Beloved's mine;
He brings a poor vile sinner
  Into His house of wine!
I stand upon His merit;
  I know no other stand.
I'm hidden in His presence
  And held by His own hand.
The Bride eyes not her garment,
  But her dear Bridegroom's face;
I will not gaze at glory,
  But on my King of grace:
Not at the crown He giveth,
  But on His pierced hand;
The Lamb is all the glory,
  And my eternal stand!
Moses Gao

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Lord we worship you!

Lord’s table meeting with saints in SLC.

Gregory Downs

Milwaukee, WI, United States

Verse 4 in light of God’s move

4. You’re Divine appearing daily

My heart is stronger now

To take my cross with joyful

Matured in life my need

To be blent with other God-men

We’ll be Your bride Your match

We are one for ere in Your life

God-men Your counterpart

Peter Breen

Nottingham, United Kingdom

I stand upon His merit;

I know no other stand.

I’m hidden in His presence

And held by His own hand


Caloocan City, Philippines


Erwin Bate

Tyler, Texas, United States

praise the Lord for this living water is within our human spirit.


Thank you God for being the living water!


Viña Del Mar, Valparaiso, Chile

Oh Gracia tan suficiente, por ella me alzo a Su trono, y hoy estoy sentado junto a Mi Señor

Francis Y Chow

Anaheim, California, United States

Christ is the living fountain of Life in us!

Larry S. Taylor

Siloam Springs, AR, United States

Very sweet thank you God

Julie Monteseven

Tubod, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

"O I am my Beloved’s,

And my Beloved’s mine;

He brings a poor vile sinner

Into His house of wine!

I stand upon His merit;

I know no other stand.

I’m hidden in His presence

And held by His own hand."

A precious stanza!! 🥰

God's dealing with His redeemed people through the Trinity was for the purpose of keeping them in the enjoyment of His riches through His divine dispensing. Without the Angel of Jehovah, Jehovah had no way to go with them in their midst. For Jehovah to be with His people, there was the need of the Angel. Today without Christ, God has no way to be with us. Furthermore, the cloud and the pillar of cloud were necessary for God to come to His people and stay with them. Similarly, today the Spirit, the pneumatic Christ, enables God to come to us and stay with us so that we may enjoy His presence. The crucified Christ as the cleft rock is our standing and hiding before the manifested God. Hymns, #298 says, "On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand; / All other ground is sinking sand." Hymns, #206 says, "I stand upon His merit; / I know no other stand." Because the crucified Christ, Christ in His death, is our standing and our hiding, we can communicate with and contact God. The merciful and governmental God and the rebellious, stiff-necked people can be brought together only through the Angel, the pillar of cloud, the cleft rock, and the hand of Jehovah, which typify Christ as God's sent One, the pneumatic Christ, Christ in His death, and Christ as the covering in God's manifestation. Because of the operation of the Trinity in this way, we now enjoy God's continual presence. Moreover, He manifests Himself to us, and we see Him in a hidden way. We have a standing and a hiding, a covering. This all-inclusive care of the Divine Trinity is for the purpose of His remaining with us to dispense Himself for our enjoyment.

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