1. I am crucified with Christ,
    And the cross hath set me free;
    I have ris’n again with Christ,
    And He lives and reigns in me.
    • Oh! it is so sweet to die with Christ,
      To the world, and self, and sin;
      Oh! it is so sweet to live with Christ,
        As He lives and reigns within.
  2. Mystery hid from ancient ages!
    But at length to faith made plain:
    Christ in me the Hope of Glory,
    Tell it o’er and o’er again.
  3. This the secret nature hideth,
    Harvest grows from buried grain;
    A poor tree with better grafted,
    Richer, sweeter life doth gain.
  4. This the secret of the holy,
    Not our holiness, but Him;
    O Lord! empty us and fill us,
    With Thy fulness to the brim.
  5. This the balm for pain and sickness,
    Just to all our strength to die,
    And to find His life and fulness,
    All our being’s need supply.
  6. This the story of the Master,
    Thru the Cross, He reached the Throne,
    And like Him our path to glory,
    Ever leads through death alone.