1. Crucified with Christ my Savior,
    To the world and self and sin;
    To the death-born life of Jesus
    I am sweetly ent’ring in:
    In His fellowship of suff’ring,
    To His death conformed to be,
    I am going with my Savior
      All the way to Calvary.
    • All the way to Calvary,
      Where my Savior went for me,
      Help me, Lord, to go with Thee,
        All the way to Calvary.
  2. ’Tis not hard to die with Christ
    When His risen life we know;
    ’Tis not hard to share His suff’rings
    When our hearts with joy o’erflow.
    In His resurrection power
    He has come to dwell in me,
    And my heart is gladly going
      All the way to Calvary.
  3. If we die we’ll live with Christ,
    If we suffer we shall reign;
    Only thus the prize of glory
    Can the conqueror attain.
    Oh, how sweet, on that glad morning
    Should the Master say to thee,
    “Yes, my child, thou didst go with me
      All the way to Calvary.”