On the table of Thy love

On the table of Thy love,
  With the bread, the cup is spread.
By partaking of these signs,
  We with Thee are richly fed.
How we thank Thee for this cup,
  For the cup of blessing, Lord,
Cup of Thy Salvation full,
  Cup of all Thou dost afford.
’Tis the blood Thou shedd’st for us,
  That our sins may be forgiv’n;
’Tis the cov’nant made for us,
  That Thy blessings may be giv’n.
Thou didst drink the cup of wrath,
  Thou hast tasted death for us,
Thus the cup of blessing bought,
  As the portion gained for us.
In this portion we have God,
  Whom we lost thru Adam’s fall;
By the shedding of Thy blood,
  God becomes our all in all.
In this portion all we have—
  Life and peace, redemption sure;
All that God has planned and willed,
  In this portion we secure.
An eternal portion, ’tis,
  Overflowing cup divine;
Heav’nly taste do we enjoy
  In this cup of God’s design.
Here in love we drink this cup
  In remembrance, Lord, of Thee;
Thus in spirit we partake
  All Thy work on Calvary.
Noah H

Tallahassee, Florida, United States

Thank you Lord!!

Joy Jonathan

Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India

Lord I thank you in love I am drinking you


Denver, Colorado, United States

Thank You Lord for the work on Calvary.


Taipei, Taiwan

While I listened to the hymn, it seemed I was brought into the vision that the Lord suffered on the cross for us, I was touched along with the music.

His wounded side speaks again to me, how His blood for washing of sin, and the water for imparting life . Praise the Lord for His great love.

𠇋y the shedding of Thy blood, God becomes our all in all.”

[Psalms 16] Verse 5 says, "Jehovah is the portion of My inheritance and of My cup;/You maintain My lot." God is the portion of two things: of the inheritance and of the cup. The inheritance refers to the substance of the lot, and the cup refers to the enjoyment of God as our blessing. At the Lord's table, we drink the cup of blessing (1 Cor. 10:16a). Stanza 3 of Hymns, #223 points out that in this cup God is our portion. Thus, we have God as the portion for our inheritance and for our enjoyment. God the Father was the very portion of these two things to Christ as a man on this earth. Verse 5b says, "You maintain My lot." The lot is the portion of the inheritance.