My Solomon

My Solomon, (1:1-2)
You’re so affectionate;
Draw me to Yourself
With the kisses of Your mouth.

Dearest King, (1:3-4)
The virgins all love You.
But I’ve been brought forth
To enter into Your chambers now.

Fairest One, (1:5)
I’m black in my own eyes
But comely in Your sight.
Why, I’ll never understand.
  You’re a cluster of henna flowers to me,
Blooming in the vineyards of Engedi.
My Shulammite, (1:1)
This is the Song of Songs,
Which belongs to Me.
I share it all with you—So come away now!

Country girl, (1:9)
Fairest of the fair,
My intimate friend,
You know what’s in my heart.

Little mare, (1:11)
We’ve worked in your crown,
Lovely golden braids,
Filled with studs of silver.
  You’re a flower among thorns to Me
Among the daughters you are My lily.
So as the winter trials start,
And when idleness frosts my heart
My beloved says to me,
Come away,
I’ll come away.
My Belov’d, (1:13)
Hold me in Your arms,
Lie between my breasts.
You’re beautiful, my love.

O My dove, (1:15-16)
You’re beautiful to Me!
Oh, you are beautiful!
Beautiful, indeed.

Mingled now, (1:16-17)
Indeed our bed is green.
We’ve found our place of rest,
Our mutual abode.
  Here I always will give You my love (7:12)
O come quickly, make haste my Belov’d. (8:14)

Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

Draw me to Yourself, wiith the kisses of Your mouth.