The Good Samaritan

  Part 1:
A certain man was going down
From Jerusalem to Jericho,
Getting farther away from God;
To this place of curse he’d go.
And as he went, among the robbers he fell
Who stripped and beat him ’til he bled,
And, having taken everything that he owned,
They left him lying there half dead.
A certain priest was also going down,
On that same road to Jericho.
He saw him and passed on the opposite side.
A Levite did the same also.
  You know this man who was going down,
This man is me; this man is you,
Who living in our fallen life away from God
Were beaten sore and bled from many wounds.
We were stripped of all that we should have:
Our virtue, honor, righteousness.
We could not stand upright nor hold onto life;
Toward God: no boldness nor access.
Religious ones observing our poor estate
Being the same could be no help.
They passed us by, not daring to come close.
We only heard we’d go to hell.
  As sinners under the law condemned,
Which left us beaten and disgraced,
We all were robbed and dying from so many hurts,
From small transgressions to our sins so great.
  Part 2:
  But a certain Good Samaritan,
Despised, of Whom they said,
“Don’t give me Jesus!”
Bound up all our wounds,
Pouring oil and wine upon them,
Brought us to the inn and said,
“Take care of him.”
He had to take a journey to come down
Just to reach us.
Though God, He was so willing to become
A human babe.
He came through human living,
Observed our dire condition,
Then, moved with deep compassion,
He died and rose to save!
He came and bound our wounds up;
He healed these damaged persons.
He poured in oil and wine—
His Spirit and His life divine.
He placed us on His donkey
To carry us so lowly,
And brought us to the church life
With blessing for our care.
We love this dear Man-Savior,
Divine One, fully human
Whose tender care, so merciful
And bountiful to save
Condemned and dying sinners,
Reveals the highest standard
Of His morality seen in His precious,
Saving grace.
(Chorus twice, then last line last time)
  “Take care...
And whatever you spend in addition on him
When I return, I will repay you.”
Chanyang Min

South Korea

Really touching lyrics. I hope this song may be translated in Korean. Lord, Thank You for carrying us in the church. How much we need You as real good Samaritan!

Margaret R Howell

Gainesville, FL, United States

Thank You Lord for being our Good Samaritan! Keep pouring oil and wine on us, the damaged people!

Prisclla M

Humacao, Puerto Rico

This hymn is so touching... I have heard it so many times and every time it touches me the same like the first time... this certain man robbed, beaten, lefted almost to death is me... and is you. And this precious Samaritan, the very Triune God came to become a human babe... to the good Savior just to save us from such condition... I did nothing! I deserve nothing! I deserved to go to hell for eternity but this wonderful person took this way, enter to humanity to reach me.. what a story! what big love, no word in this world would describe such mercy and unfailing love. And yet.. brought me to the inn... the church life, to be healed, nourished, feeded, ... oh God. Thank you. Forever thank you! I just want to be in the church life and never let go!

Khally Jane Francisco

Zamboanga, Siocon, Philippines

We are sinners condemned to death

We are allmuch less love by others

With GOD'S merciful and loving heart

He seeks us and saves us

With His divine life.

He as the Man-Savior

With His humanity

And His divinity

He cares for you and me.

:-) :-)