The church is the Bride, the new man, and the warrior

We satisfy Christ, as His Bride, in His image;
As new man and warrior, dominion we win!
Safeguarded in battle in Christ as our armor,
We fight for God’s interests, His kingdom bring in!
We’re garbed in fine linen, our bridal apparel,
Made spotless and bright through God’s love and His light;
An army that follows the Lord into battle,
We’re clothed in this linen, with Christ armed in might!
We’re girded with Truth, with Christ’s righteousness covered,
We’re shod with the gospel of peace through His blood,
We’re shielded by faith, and we’re helmed with salvation,
And armed with the sword of the Spirit, the word!
God’s word is a bounty of food for our eating;
This food constitutes us, through prayer, hour by hour;
By this constitution we’re readied for battle,
And, led by the Spirit, we speak with His pow’r!
Our battle is corporate—as one man we conquer!
We’re one with the Lord in the might of His strength!
Withstanding the foe, in the Body empowered,
Steadfastly we stand, headed up through His reign!
The Lord is our center, our source and our standing,
Our leader, our Captain, our conqueror, our King!
Our Bridegroom, our Husband, our Head, our Beloved!
We love Him intensely—from Him triumphs spring!
We move in God’s move with the Lord in His headship,
Upheld by the Head as His Body on earth!
Christ’s made us partakers in all He’s accomplished!
Exalt Him, rejoicing! God’s will must come forth!
God’s image expressed, His dominion established,
Through prayer corresponding to Christ on the throne,
Fulfills God’s intention, His purpose eternal,
Regaining the earth for God’s pleasure alone!
The church is the Bride, the new man, and the warrior
Fulfilling God’s heart’s desire, stage after stage.
We love Christ supremely and stand in His victory
To bring in His Kingdom by turning the age.

Chicgao, United States

Amen Thomas! Glory to God! Only by knowing His word we can testify that.

Thomas E Franks

Bellingham, Washington, United States

This hymn wonderfully reveals the desire of God's heart to have His people become His body to express Him, the one new man to live His Person, His bride joined in one spirit, a corporate warrior to to overcome and subdue Satan forces and ultimately bring the kingdom of the heavens to earth! Amazing and a great mercy! TEF