O Perfect Love!

O perfect love! It suffers long, forbearing;
Tender and kind, it leads the soul to sing;
Free from all jealous thought and boastful feeling,
May I this love divine to others bring.
O, selfless love! ’Tis never unbecoming;
Purest affection “seeks not its own things;”
Never Provoked, not counting evil doing;
Let this love echo forth from my heart’s strings.
O noble love! In righteousness rejoicing,
A love that cheers whenever truth is king;
It covers all things, and believes it all things,
It hopes all things, and will endure all things.
O lasting love! It fades not, ne’er abating;
Timeless and strong, prevails o’er everything;
When knowledge fails, and gifts are unavailing;
May I be found in its eternal spring.


Amen, praise the Lord, May I this love divine to others bring.

Sylvia Rotich

Round Rock, TX, United States

O lasting Love! may your kingdom come and your will be done.

Come Lord Jesus come!!


Line 3 in stanza 3 should be “believes it all things”


HOw beautiful is our God and hope to be as He is partaking of His nature 2Peter 1


I love to listen to these wonderful gorgeous songs!!! I always sing along, and enjoy mu day. Thank you so much for these songs that praise our Lord!!!