We Have a Living Christ

The sins we commit must be washed.
By His shining, we see one by one.
When we confess, He forgives, we are clean!
The sense of life then can be keen.
  We have a living Christ!
He always gives us life!
Overcoming life! Transcending life!
We just cooperate! Don’t even hesitate!
We allow Him to have His way in us!
The world, we cannot overcome!
But our spirit, is powerful! Strong!
We exercise, call His name, breathe Him in!
The world then has no chance to win!
The self and the flesh have to go!
My natural ability too!
All independence, division must flee,
The work of the Spirit frees me!

2018 Winter School of Truth in The Netherlands


Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, Vietnam

Praise the Lord! The life in us is the overcoming life. We just corporate with His work in us.

Maria Cuervo

Delray Beach, FL

Praise the Lord! Our self, our flesh, and all pleasures of this world need to go.