To live a life in the Holy of Holies

To live a life
In the Holy of Holies
We must become a captive of Christ.
Many times, reality is that
Christ is captive to us,
This becomes our own fleshly
Conquer me,
Subdue me,
That I’d no longer be Your enemy.
Defeat me at any cost
That my own will would be lost.
Your desires make my own.
Never let me win.
I’m willing,
Defeat me.
Put the world and sins beneath my feet.
Within me is rebellion.
Defeat it, conquer and subdue it.
Carry me away as Your captive.
There’s a need
For us to become captives.
We will see
The affect on those around us.
So become a little captive,
A living sacrifice,
In the triumph of Christ.
But thanks be to God
Who always leads us
In the triumph
In the Christ.
Igor Savinkin

There’s a need for us to become captives of Christ (Eph. 3:1) and in Christ (Eph. 4:1). The affect on those around us would be that they be willing to become a little captives. This is to the glory, triumph of Christ. I have experienced it being a new believer. Now I am willing to be Christ's captive. May the fragrance of Christ victory be spread all over the earth. Thus Lord would gain the corporate pattern of the prisoners in Christ.