Christ Gave Himself Up for Me Out of Love

What kind of person would die for my sin?
Someone more perfect than all men have been.
Someone who did not deserve death, my due,
Bridging the gap that brought curse to all men.
  Christ on the cross was a man without sin,
Living, while dying, by virtues within,
Virtues expressing divine attributes,
His life, most valued by God, shown therein.
Christ chose the friend who betrayed Him for gain;
Loved Peter still, though he’d sworn at His name;
Mutely faced hatred from those who’d defame;
Saved one who mocked Him but later felt shame.
For the transgressors while dying Christ prayed,
“Father, forgive them,” this prayer for us made.
“They do not know what they’re doing,” He said.
God’s tender mercy and love He displayed.
Dying, in pain, Christ saw Mary bereaved.
Still, in compassion, He cared for her need—
“Behold your mother” and “Behold your son”—
She from that hour by John was received.
What shall we say then for all of these things?
God’s Son was raised by the Father, approved.
Seated at God’s right, the Lord Himself brings
Me to the Father, all distance removed.
Were I the only one e’er to be born,
Christ would have given Himself, still, in love.
He lived and died making all of us one,
His life and living God’s gift from above.
Krystal Allen

Torrance, California, United States

Thank you Abba! For Your Most Precious Son. The Lord Jesus Christ, Has Overcame! He has Won it all! Our Victors death destroyed sins power! He One with the Holy! Could not be Overcome! Crowned with heavens righteousness, resurrection sure to be! We are His witnesses through the Holy Ghost power within! Joined forever to serve and live with Him, His perfect Kingdom, reign and rule! Only a fool would reject so great a salvation, for this perishing world! Jesus is our Victor, He the Lord!

G.C. Bergeleen

Spokane, WA, United States

Thank you, Lord. As such a Man You died for my sin, bringing me to Your Father and making me His son.