I’m coming again to this Fountain within

I’m coming again to this fountain within.
I’m opening wide to this life-giving tide.
Here I am—coming to Him.
Here I am—Lord, come and flood me within!
I’m dry but I long to be swallowed by life.
I’m weak but am coming and opening wide.
Spring up well! Spring up in me!
Spring up well! Unto eternity!
The wells of salvation are flowing and free.
Thirsty and weary, just open and see.
They are free! Come and see!
They are free! Open your mouth and you’ll see!
I open a little and in comes the tide.
The more that I drink, the more I’m satisfied.
So I come—desperate for life.
And I come—Lord, give me life or I die!
Zoe’s the answer and Zoe’s the key.
Zoe’s my goal and Zoe’s my need.
I need God’s life—to flood o’er my soul.
I need God’s life—to fill me within and o’er flow!
Allie Lockhart

Huntsville, TX, United States

Amen! This is such a wonderful song. It's now my new favorite! I open a little to the Lord and then in comes a tide!! The more that I drink the more I'm satisfied!! Lord! Give me life or I die! Amen!! Praise the Lord! It's so amazing that we can come to the Lord over and over again and get infused with life!! Thank you Lord Jesus!!

Cody Enderli

San Marcos, TX, United States

Thank You Lord that is there such a Fountain within us!

Leigh Powell

United Kingdom

Jesus said He who comes to me I will in no wise cast out. John 6 verse 37).

We can only come to the Lord Jesus as sinners needing to be saved from the guilt, shame and punishment of our sin. Jesus did this by taking our sin away on the cross (John 1 verse 29 - the Lamb was to be sacrificed, as examples by the Old Testament, on the cross in the Lord Jesus's sacrifice of Himself for the sins of many (Hebrews 9 verse 26).

Once we repent and believe the gospel (Mark 1 verse 5, John 3 verse 16), we become born again as children of God, having received forgives of sins and everlasting life (1 John 3 verse 3, Romans 8 verses 14 to 17, Colossians 1 verse 14, John 3 verse 16).

Being born again is never private, for we are to tell others of our salvation as proof that we are children of God on our way to Heaven and saved from the wrath to come (Romans 10 verse 9, John 3 verse 36).

Jim How

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

The more that I drink, the more I am satisfied. Amen! Hallelujah!!!!

Sarah Anne

Ochtrup, Munster, Germany

What a lovely hymn; it is just what I am feeling at the moment:

Verse two is what I am feeling: dry longing to be swallowed by life; I am weak but am coming and opening wide:

Spring up well: spring up in me!!!!!!!!

Spring up well!!!!!! unto eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen, thank you: hymnal.net