Oh, What a Preeminent Christ

Oh, what a preeminent Christ!
You have the first place in all things.
Your name is above every name,
Exalted by God, Lord and King.
My portion is Yourself alone,
Allotted by God in the light.
I hold You as my Head today.
Lord, You are my focus, my life.
Oh, what a preeminent Christ!
My center, my hope, and my joy!
The power and wisdom of God!
The One I uniquely enjoy.
To grow up in You in all things,
I ask You to shepherd my soul.
Whatever You wish, Lord — amen.
I give You my heart as a whole.
Oh, what a preeminent Christ!
My heart You are making Your home.
As, choice after choice, I seek You,
In me You establish Your throne.
I open to let my King in,
Nor will I resist You, but still
I raise the white flag of defeat,
Surrendering all to Your will.
Oh, what a preeminent Christ!
Surrender is truly a rest.
Your cross is my gateway to joy.
Your heart toward me harbors the best.
I love You with all of my heart.
For me, You are second to none.
The cross has turned everything sweet;
I find my delight in the Son!
Oh, what a preeminent Christ!
I live for Your sake, not my own.
Your magnification comes forth
From life flowing out of Your throne.
Lord, You are the One seated there.
We all are enjoying Your reign.
The church is Your Kingdom on earth,
Upholding Your sanctified name!
Oh, what a preeminent Christ!
We look to Your coming again.
Your glory will fill the whole earth!
Your people will sound the Amen!
No darkness remains at the dawn
Of seeing Your glorious face —
We love Your appearing within;
Our God, our Beloved, what grace!