Separation Unto Reconciliation

God commends His own love to us,
That You died on our behalf,
For us, enemies and sinners
Who were slated for God’s wrath.
We by sin were separated,
From God’s life were alienated.
Then Your death propitiated
And to God You brought us back.
On the cusp of crucifixion,
In great agony You prayed;
You besought the Father greatly
That You’d from this hour be saved.
But You rea’lized God’s intention;
Love outweighed Your apprehension,
“Not as I will,” Your submission
To the Father for our sake.
When God made You sin entire,
Dying for us on the cross,
God withdrew from You in judgment,
This by far Your greatest loss.
You made reconciliation,
Ending our great separation,
Making us a new creation,
One new man, formed on the cross.
Then the veil within the temple,
Top to bottom, split in two,
Rent because You’re now our access
To God’s glory ever new.
With the Father we’ve reunion,
Face to face in holy union,
Reconciled in sweet communion,
Glorious twining through and through.
Separation has been dealt with,
We from God no more exiled!
Through Your sacrifice forgiven,
We to Him are reconciled!
We can live in resurrection,
Joined to God through Your oblation,
To express Your life and person,
In our spirit, by the blood!
Praise the Son sent by the Father,
Lamb of God Whom God made sin!
Praise You for Your dread endurance,
As that breach brought judgment in!
Praise You for God’s satisfaction
With Your death and its transaction,
And that Your brief separation
Made us one with God fore’er!