God, You are now rearranging my way

God, You are now rearranging my way.
All I have built You’re destroying today.
Those serving faithfully daily decrease.
Dishonesty, misunderstandings increase.
  My eyes are teary; I can’t see You clearly,
As though all Your words aren’t as real as before.
You make me decrease, that You might thus increase,
To make Your will sweeter than e’er before.
For Your hand stopping I’d almost implore,
When I feel I cannot take any more.
Yet You are God! Oh, how can You give way?
Please, Lord, do not give in; wait ’till I obey.
If Your good pleasure and will should decree
That I must take suff’ring’s yoke upon me,
Then may my heart’s deepest joy be this thing—
Obeying Your will to take the suffering.
It seems the price that’s required for Your joy
Is that I’m hindered and knocked down by You;
Therefore I’d welcome Your hindering pull,
If thus I could cause Your heart to be joyful.
You’ve given chariots to others instead.
You have made them thus to ride o’er my head.
You stretch Your hand out my all now to take,
Yet please leave Your stripping hand here for my sake.

I fell in love with Him even more! Praise the Lord!


Praise the Lord, for You are sovereign in arranging everything for our need. You act on a hidden way, May You cause us to obey and hold on to Your presence, not to loose Your smilling face towards us, or I might be teary again, remembering Your love. , ❤️

S Lee

Cambridge, United Kingdom

We are enjoying this hymn this evening, in Cambridge, UK. Praise You Lord, You are God!

Lashell Sandifer

Greenwood, MS, United States

God is the orchestra of our lives. Yes! There are disappointments, tears, and misunderstandings ; the Lord is omniscient (all knowing). Please, Lord help me to hold on until my changes come.

Job 42:10

Phoebe Oracion

San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Yet You are God! how can You give way?

Please Lord do not give in , wait 'till I obey.

I'm so glad there's a hymn like this.

'twas a timely supply!

Thank You Lord!

Janna Alpes

Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

We should believe that everything that passes through God's hand is good. Our circumstances are arranged by God and are there for our benefit. Every environmental arrangement is for our benefit; it deals with the strong points in our natural life.

All the experiences we encounter are arranged by the Holy Spirit and are there to edify us. While we are passing through these disciplines and trials, we may not feel joyful or comfortable, but they are all part of God's work in us. Afterwards, we will realize that these experiences were all for our benefit. -eManna


Jerusalem, Israel

O Lord...


In the moments we see it,

Deep inside of our being there is a whisper AMEN.

So weak but so strong AMEN...

I love You my God!

Regan and Chris

Hamilton, New Zealand

You stretch Your hand out my all now to take,

Yet please leave Your stripping hand here for my sake.

We often think receiving the Lord means our life will be full of blessing. Yet, actually, the Lord takes many things away from us. However, we will come to realise that having the Lord Himself, at the cost of everything else, is the real blessing.

Thank You, Lord, for Watchman Nee.

Rebecca Cupp

Centerville, GA, United States

This psalms brings me to tears yet so beautiful. Everything happens for a reason and it is better to take His blessed will with all His mercy and love. Take Job's example plus I look at my life and consider why hard times comes upon me. Even Adam and Eve were sent out because they were disobedient so they had to die yet God made a way for them.


I am deeply touched by this hymn. Like Brother Watchman Nee, may every word be a reality in my life and living. O Lord Jesus, trusting Your far-reaching mercy, unfailing love, abounding grace!