The measure of our value

The measure of our value,
And preciousness to God,
Is not our work and service,
But nearness to the Lord.
Though outer court is needed,
We would not there abide;
We’d be His faithful servants,
And His dear, loving Bride.
The priesthood of the gospel
Brings sinners to His grace;
Yet in our priestly service,
Are we before His face?
The Father still is seeking
True worship in His sight—
The “fat” and “blood” of Jesus
In Whom is His delight.
“The priests and sons of Zadok
Shall draw near unto Me
And e’en before my table
Within the sanctuary
To minister unto Me
The fat and blood to bring”—
Christ’s precious work and person
God’s longed-for offering.
God’s people at Mount Horeb
Upon three levels trod,
And thus had different levels
Of fellowship with God.
The nearer to His presence,
The more their view could be,
But two stood right before Him,
His glory full to see.
Just as upon Mount Hermon
Where Jesus brought the three—
Where His transfiguration
Was unveiled privately;—
Our height of revelation
Will differ in degree;
Lord, draw us ever nearer,
More of Thyself to see.
One in the House of Feasting
Life’s vict’ry testified;
One, busy with much service,
The outward needs supplied.
But one more thing was needed,
To gain the better part:
A love with revelation
To satisfy His heart.
Before the feet of Jesus,
Attending every word,
A woman bearing ointment
Cared only for her Lord;
His heart’s desire and preference
To her alone revealed,
Her flask was “wasted” on Him,
The house with fragrance filled.
When we give Him the first place
And first love following,
Then first works manifest will
His glory’s fragrance bring.
The house thus filled with fragrance
Draws seeking sinners close;
Such ministry to God is
Our service to His house.
Brian Strawbridge

Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

My what lovely wording on drawing near to our precious Lord, the line in verse

six , is that one thing was needed, a love with revelation Oh Lord illuminate us more to see our nearness to you by your living hand of faith, we love to draw near to you and your dear body with the corporate spirit bearing witness with our spirit .......