Christ in Numbers

God wants His holy people to become His army;
Rise up, all ages! March on for His testimony;
Christ is our meaning of life, testimony and center,
In everything He’s the way, the goal and the Leader.
For God to gain His army, priesthood, and dwelling place,
Defilement must be dealt with, that to Him we’d be chaste,
Make us the same as You, Lord, truly righteous and holy,
Meeting Your strict requirements, becoming Your army.
In our journey to gain Christ—the good land giv’n by God,
Hindrances and trials would come when we walk with the Lord,
Through suff’rings we’d be humbled and in spirit contrite,
And be exposed through testing, thus purged and purified.
To inherit the good land, we must be renumbered;
Make a willing vow to Him to fulfill His standard.
For the Lord’s up-to-date move, let’s fight and pay the price,
Enter and possess the land, our all-inclusive Christ!

Banner song for the 1998 Yearend West Malaysia Youth Training.

Wendy :)

Md, United States

Let's fight and pay the price!

madelene I. Camacam

Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines

I made to realize that without Him I am really really nothing. How I need Him to be the center, testimony and meaning of my life.

Saints rise up, let's march on for His testimony; as an army testifying and fighting for His economy.

Melanie Paglalunan Gatos

Gamagorishi Prefecture, Aichi-ken, Japan

PRAISE THE LORD!!! What an encouraging song. For the LORD`S UP-TO-DATE MOVE, let's FIGHT and PAY the PRICE. ENTER and POSSESS the LAND, our ALL-INCLUSIVE CHRIST.